Technical Services and Repairs

In need of a Repair?

  • Repairs can be dropped off in person or sent via parcel delivery to the customer’s local Barbizon office.
  • Should the device be under warranty, Barbizon will facilitate the process with the manufacturer on the customer’s behalf. If the device is not under warranty, Barbizon will evaluate the best course of action to make repairs.
  • Any repairs that will incur cost below $200.00 will be automatically performed and invoiced accordingly, unless the customer requests otherwise. Customer approval will be required prior to initiating any repairs valued over $200.00.
  • Shipping charges, repair and replacement costs associated with any repair are additional and will be charged.

In need of Site Support?

  • Regular Service is scheduled with a minimum notice of 21 days,
  • Emergency Service refers to any service scheduled with less than 21 days’ notice or work scheduled outside of Standard Business Hours.

Do you have a Service Agreement?

  • Inquire with our service department about our offerings and see if a Service Level Agreement is right for your venue.

See our Terms and Conditions of Sale for more information

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