Barbizon specializes in the specification, integration, installation, and commissioning of lighting, rigging and control systems for the entertainment and architectural industries. In our Systems Division, we handle every step of a project, from the initial concept and specification stage through the final system energization and staff training. Even after training, Barbizon is available to make certain your system is maintained and functioning as you intend. Our job is to make your vision come to life, pulling the various pieces together and integrating them into a fully unified system.


The design-development and pre and post bid phases are the most critical point in any project. During this time, we work closely with the design team, construction team and end-user to ensure all aspects of a system properly work together, meet the design intent and fulfill the needs of the end-user. It is during this phase that we provide scope review and development, product recommendations and documentation, budgeting, installation review, path-to-market analysis and bid leveling services.

Project Execution

Robust Project Management and execution are the foundation of any project. Our Project Managers work closely with the construction teams to ensure a smooth process meeting all milestones and delivering the project on time and budget. We achieve this through detailed documentation, proactive coordination, scheduling, and site supervision. We also provide comprehensive end-user training and close-out documentation upon project completion.


Barbizon Systems Integrators are trained to look at the whole picture, listen to the intent of the customer, and consider every detail before providing a system that fulfills the needs of the project. Our Systems Integrations services include the following:

  • Development of a system with the owner's operational requirements
  • Preparation of equipment bills-of-materials
  • Create budgetary or purchase pricing
  • Integrated systems specification for lighting, rigging, sound, and draperies
  • System layout drawings such as riser diagrams, design development, construction drawings, and device locations
  • Coordination with other disciplines, i.e., power requirements to electrical engineers, or load requirements for structural engineers
  • Site visitations to determine need or coordination meetings with project participants


Barbizon Systems personnel are skilled in managing a project, for the architect, consultant, general contractor and owner. Successful project management assures the design intent for all parties and streamlines the construction process. Barbizon will be committed to your project from signed contract to final sign-off. Project management includes the following:

  • Create submittal documents and drawings as necessary to comply with specification documents and facilitate a better understanding of products to be supplied along with their installation requirements for on-site personnel
  • Assist in facilitating the design intent by field verification and coordination with installation contractors
  • Coordinate trades with both Barbizon subcontractors as well as other trades that impact the installation of the entertainment system, such as HVAC and building electrics
  • Seek ways to solve problems (e.g. developing a more efficient way to install equipment to pass on cost savings)
  • Handle all billing, via submission of application for payments or invoicing
  • Coordinate change management issues with owners, architects and contractors
  • Provide close-out documentation including O&M manuals, as-built drawings, and initial configuration information for owners' records


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    Field Service Technicians work with our customers and other trades on-site, as well as the design team, to fulfill all programming and design intent needs for every project. Our technicians are factory trained and certified by leading brands within our industry enabling them to stay current on the latest technology and industry standards. In addition, our technicians are up-to-date on construction site protocols, OSHA rules, health & safety standards, as well as necessary certifications.