Remembering Ira Goldman

It is with immense sadness that we let our industry friends know that a long-time member of the Barbizon family, Ira Goldman, has passed away this morning. Many worked with him, and for those that didn’t know Ira, he was a big part of who Barbizon Lighting is as a company.

Ira was well known to all the people at the television networks and was a problem solver to so many gaffers on film sets. Many prominent gaffers would walk into Barbizon with a problem they couldn’t solve and leave with a contraption Ira had rigged together. He was dubbed MacGuyver for his problem-solving ability. To his coworkers, Ira was an encyclopedia of information who always had answers to their questions.

Ira retired from Barbizon in 2014 and has since split his time between his apartment near Lincoln Center and his home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

It was suggested that perhaps now Ira and Jonathan (As seen in the inset picture ) are most probably arguing about “directions” somewhere in heaven.

He will be missed.