Whether it’s an exterior or interior project, Barbizon is a leader in working with you to find the right lighting and lighting control system for your application.

The use of entertainment lighting in corporate lighting applications has come to the forefront. With the advent of flexible control systems, Barbizon is adept at dealing with multiple zones with thousands of control channels. We regularly integrate various control system protocols so architectural lighting can work seamlessly with entertainment lighting to create the exact look and mood your brand environment requires. From the dramatic or kinetic multicolored LED lighting to daylight harvesting and circadian lighting, Barbizon has solutions for it all.

When a company decides to invest in a media center on premises, Barbizon can offer a complete turnkey lighting solution that includes infrastructure and creative services. Our team of experts can advise any engineering team about power, data, and support infrastructure for a wide arrangement of room configurations. We can also work with the creative team and develop an on-air lighting look that best meets the needs of the scenic design. As the world’s largest supplier of professional broadcast lighting, we take great pride in allowing our clients to choose for themselves the ideal lighting fixture that meets their needs.

The Barbizon team understands how to integrate all lighting systems for the best performance and the most stunning results.

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