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Clean up your flyrail with new Flyhouse Rigging Tape from Pro-Tapes

Do. you have a hard time keeping consistent labels on the counterweight rigging system in your theatre? ProTapes and Specialties recently released a handy new tape label to neaten up that fly rail.




Pro Gaff Flyhouse Rigging Labels are made from matte cloth gaff tape with a rubber-based adhesive system featuring a liner and industry-specific text. Each roll has 320 pre-cut 2”x2.5” labels on a liner for easy application made from our 2” Pro Gaff tape with a pre-printed area for the name of the show, pipe weight, how many bricks of weight, and trim height.
This new labeling system is available now from Barbizon Lighting. You can call 866-502-2724 or email more@barbizon.com