Barbizon Lighting Wins 2021 AV Experience Awards

Barbizon Lighting was presented the 2021 AVIXA AV Experience Award in the “Best Immersive Experience” category for work on the new Meow Wolf Omega Mart at Area 15 in Las Vegas.

The global AV Experience Award program recognizes the innovative integration of content, space, and technology to create or enhance an experience. The program seeks to find excellence where the enhanced in-real-life experience or almost-real-life experience could only be achieved through the integrated and innovative use of audiovisual technology. “We are witnesses to incredible AV experiences every day, as we work, play, and interact in the world,” said Joé Lloyd, Senior Director of Communications, AVIXA.

Describing the Meow Wolf experience, Marsi Gray, Las Vegas senior creative producer, says, “You start in a familiar place. From there, wormholes and portals transport you to unknown worlds.” Omega Mart begins in what is ostensibly a supermarket, leading to a network of media-rich spaces and storytelling that comments on consumerism and corporate culture. The adventure is open-ended and self-guided. Visitors can spend as much time as they like in the four anchor spaces and numerous individual art installations. According to Gray, the typical stay is 90 minutes to two hours, but some visitors breeze through more quickly and others make a full day of it.

Barbizon Lighting was able to take the initial unrefined concept and apply permanent solution infrastructure concepts, combined with on-site management of installation, programmers, lighting technicians, to assemble a team of talented creative technicians and give the artists from Meow Wolf the tools and flexibility to create such an incredibly immersive experience.

Barbizon Lighting specializes in systems integration of entertainment technology control systems for theatre, television, film, themed environments, and architecture.
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