Barbizon Lighting NY Area State Contracts

Barbizon Lighting Company’s New York office maintains a series of state contracts by which subscribing schools can purchase theatrical lighting and rigging materials.

Please contact Barbizon NY for more details at or call 212-586-1620.

NY BID # “12380 titled MSRP-Tech/AV/Computer/Interactive Whitebds” (exp 12/01/2024)
NJ EDS Bid # 11297 titled “MSRP Tech/AV/Computer/Interactive Whitebds” (exp 12/01/2024)

NYC Department of Education


Registered Public Works contractor for the State of New Jersey
Certification No. 644094 (exp 8/21/24)

NYC Mayor’s Office of Contract Services (formerly known as Vendex)
Supplier Reference Number 1623837

The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) Cooperative
Contract # 230901 Audio Visual Equipment, Supplies & Services for NY, NJ & CT (Exp 11/30/26)


For more information or questions about any of the above contracts and current negotiated pricing agreements available through Barbizon contact:

Barbizon Lighting Company

643 11th Avenue, New York, NY 10036

☎︎ 212-586-1620        email: benysales@barbizon